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Gold Canyon Pickleball Club was founded by residents of Gold Canyon RV and Golf Resort who are committed to advancing the game of Pickleball in a safe, positive and supportive manner. Scheduled play is enhanced with a variety of clinics and tournaments which make playing in this resort an exceptional experience.

Canada vs US Tournament

Club Programs

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There are 9 courts available in the resort. Check here for daily scheduled and open play. Times are made available for every level of play along with Round Robins, Lessons and Clinics.

Specatators at APPL Play

Learn to play or improve your skills with our comprehensive programs designed for for all levels of play. Don't know where you fit?

Take the Self Assessment Test.

Gold Canyon Cup

Gold Canyon Pickleball Club is excited to host four tournaments during the winter season. These events are open to all club members and sure to be a great time. Don't forget to join us for our monthly hosted Social Events, a great way to meet new people and connect with old friends

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