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Court Camera Access

Court Cam

Check to see who is on the courts!


Step 1: Open the WYZE app on your device

Step 2: If you see your email address on the Sign In page, change it to the new email address which is: (NOT case sensitive).  Then add the new password which is: GCPBClub21 (CASE SENSITIVE).

Step 3: If you don’t see the “Sign In” page, click on Account in the lower right corner, scroll down and click on “Sign Out”.  Then follow the instructions in Step 2.  



Step 1:  To gain access to the Pickleball Court Camera, first download and install the WYZE application on your smart phone, tablet or PC. 

Step 2:  At the “Sign In” page, type in the following email address and password, then select “Sign In”.

Email address: (NOT case sensitive)



Any questions, please contact Gene Clement:

Email:            Phone: 585-261-7007

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