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Paddle Saddle Rules


  • The SaddlePaddle is designed to avoid confusion over who plays next, and with whom.

  • The TWO Paddle Saddles on court 5 are dedicated to each days Scheduled Play and Open Play if courts 1-5 are not filled by Scheduled Play. If more Scheduled Play players arrive, the Open Play courts will be given up

    • The TOP Paddle Saddle is dedicated to all Scheduled Play for each day’s schedule.  The BOTTOM Paddle Saddle will be used for Open Play during the Scheduled Play time ONLY IF THERE ARE OPEN COURTS.  For example: There are 20 Scheduled Players on the courts.  That leaves 2 courts open so Non-Scheduled Players may use those two courts and they would use the Open Play Paddle Saddle.  If more Scheduled Players arrive, the Open Play courts will be given up.

  • The Paddle Saddle on Courts 6 & 7 is dedicated for those OPEN PLAY COURTS. These are open at all times. If you are playing Scheduled Play and use those courts, note that if paddles fill up a color they have the next on Court 6 or 7. As long as Court 6 & 7 are being used for Open Play, they cannot be used for Scheduled Play.

  • As players remove paddles of four, the indicator is moved from left to right, allowing a systematic system of play.  There is no need to move paddles, only the "NEXT" indicator.   

  • If you want to play with a certain group, wait until all players are available and put your paddles in the same group color. If there are paddles in the previous color waiting for a 4th player, either join that group or wait until they have gone to a court before you play.


  • Please remember that there are two courts down at the Tennis Courts that can be used.  See Schedule on the site for open times.

paddle saddle

NOTE: Courts 6 & 7 are OPEN PLAY all day, every day.  Please use the paddle saddle on these courts when you are not playing in the 'scheduled play' leagues. 

Please use only the main paddle saddle during  scheduled "Open Play" times .

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