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We would like to thank the following members for their contribution to the Club’s many committees and programs this year.  We can’t do it without you!

And we hope those of you who have yet to become involved, will consider giving back and volunteering for one of the numerous roles. Contact any of the Board of Directors for more information.

Board of Directors

Jan McrCreary, President

Dave Trimmer, President

Dean Hultman, Vice President

Ken Copeland, Vice President

Jennie Clement, Secretary

Diana Lyons, Treasurer, Website

Norm Wright, Past President

Kathy Wright, Past President

Play & Learn

Joe Carter, Leader

Jan Carter, Leader

Daryl Chadwell

Phil Wrubleski

Mary Wrubleski

Court Maintenance Team

Craig Carr, Leader

Lowell Forristall

Daniel Liard

Dave Webber

Bill Yaskiw

Frank Johnson

Jim Orns

John Hageman

Ken Lyons

Mike Leonholdt


Jerry Neumann

Bob Brockmuller

Social Event Hosts

Dale & Cheryl Ermel

Tracy & Brian Hauck

Kevin & Lora Denison

Brad & Marie Anne Faasse

Gil & Barb Desluarier

Mike & Arlene Hatcher

Dan & Suzie Klein

Joan & Walter Fouty

Dean & Cathie Hultman

David & Bobbie Schaff

Bylaws Committee

Phil Wrubleski, Chair

Delores Robertson

Jimmie Myers

Diana Lyons

Diane Clark (past Chair)

Beginners & Beyond

Jimmie Hatch, Leader

Jean Hatch

Linda Chadwell

Gene Clement

Lora Denison

John Elands

Bill Hart

Tracy Hauck

Dana Herrell

Chris Johnson

Jan McCreary

Diane Pellerin

Julie Pellerin

Dave Trimmer

Linda Vincent

Kathy Young

Round Robins & More

Julie Pellerin, Adv. & Int. RR

Lora Denison, Intermediate RR

Jimmie Myers, Advanced RR

Kate Moores, Novice RR

Leanne Daglow, Novice RR

Don Oylear, Novice RR

Diane Hageman, Ball Clinics

Perry Young, APPL Captain

Scheduling Committee

Dave Trimmer, Chair

Joe Carter

Janice Miller

Diane Pellerin

Kerry Schaefer

Organized Play

Linda Chadwell, Chair

Deb Monsma

Tracy Hauck

Lowell Forristall

Jan McCreary

Mike Burdick

Sue Yaskiw

Daryl Chadwell

Tony Conver

Jullie Pellerin

Jimmie Hatch

Social Committee

Jennie Clement, Chair

Janice Miller

Club Volunteers, 2023/24

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