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APPL 2024 Season - Home Game Schedule

By Perry Young, Captain, Gold Canyon Big Dills

Gold Canyon RV has formed another APPL team for the 2024 season. This year we have a 65+ Men’s Doubles 3.5 team and will be playing 10 matches over the next 3 months.

Unfortunately no Mixed Doubles team was entered this year.

Gold Canyon is once again our home court and we would greatly appreciate all the support we can get from our GC Pickleball Club. This year we have five home matches scheduled below. I can also provide the schedule for our away games if there is interest for spectator support to follow us out of the park.

Sat - Jan 6 , 1 - 3pm Sun Lake vs Big Dills

Sat - Jan 13, 1 - 3pm Just Hit It vs Big Dills

Sun - Feb 4, 1 - 3pm Roadrunners vs Big Dills

Sun - Feb 18, 1 - 3pm Pickleholics vs Big Dills

Sun - Mar 03, 1 - 3pm Silver Foxes vs Big Dills

The format is as follows - the visiting team will play 3 matches with 3 x 2 man teams against our three teams. Each match is 2 games to 11 points. Two points are awarded to the winning team for each game and 1 point if the losing team gets 6 or more points in a game.

Please come out and support the teams this Saturday between 1 and 3pm. Please note courts 2 - 4 will be reserved for this play.

For further information on this league, please contact Perry Young at

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