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From the Oval Office

Hello friends,

Jan and I would like to thank everyone who turned out for the Annual General Meeting. Our research indicates it might be the largest turnover ever for a AGM.

We would also like to thank Norm and Kathy Wright for making our first year on the board a success and the transition to co-presidents smooth. And we would like to welcome Ken Copeland and Dean Hultman to the board. 

As our first month progresses, we will have more updates but for now we want to encourage a couple members to volunteer to be on the nominating committee. What this entails is find people to run for board positions. Every year we need a new vice president or vice presidents, and it alternates each year with a secretary or treasurer. Next year we will need nominations for treasurer.

Lastly, a reminder that there will be NO formal beginner training the rest of the season and will be replaced by a novice round robin on Courts 2-3-4-5 each Monday in March from 10-12. If you are interested in play, contact Kate Moores. Court 1 (Cage Court) will be open. Courts 1-5 will be scheduled for trainer/advanced play from 8-10 with Jimmie and Jean Hatch on standby to take a court to work with beginners who may show up. If you are interested in having something added to the schedule in open time for the rest of the season, ask Jan or I. Ken and Dean take over as scheduling contacts next season. 

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