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GC Pickleball Club Board Members Wanted

It's hard to start thinking about the end of the winter, but for most of us there are just a few months left this season.

As most of you know, our fiscal year end is at the end of February, and our AGM must take place prior to year end. This years' AGM is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 21 from 12-3pm in the Ballroom.

This year we will need to fill the following positions;

  1. Vice President - This role can be shared by two people, but have only one vote.

  2. Web/Communications Director - this is a new position which is required to manage the new website and communications. This position will be trained by Diana Lyons for as long as required to become comfortable with the website functionality.

  3. Nominating Committee - we are looking for 2 individuals to assume this responsibility.

All three positions are 2 years terms, with the Vice President roles moving to President after the first year. Brief job descriptions are below:

  • The Vice President will assist the President whenever required to do so and assume the duties of the President when he/she is unavailable. The Vice President will also maintain a close liaison with the GCRV management. The Vice President will assume the role of President in their second year.

  • The Web/Communication Director will ensure the website is professional, up-to-date, and functioning as intended. It encompasses general maintenance, security, and long-term development of the website, as well as organizing and publishing  member content through blogs and email.

  • Nominating Committee - No later than January the President must appoint a Nominating Committee. Candidates for election will be presented to the Executive Board and must be presented to the membership one week prior to the Annual General Meeting in February.

This success of this Club since its inception has been the strength of the volunteers who build and improve the Club each year. Please consider stepping up.

For more information about any of these positions, please contact Jennie Clement at

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