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Social Committee News

First, I want to thank the Ermels, Haucks and Pellerins for the wonderful job that was done for our first Social of the Season. The food was great (We have some amazing cooks in our club!), prizes were won (Thanks to all who donated a prize.) and good conversation with friends, old and new.

Our next Social is Friday, January 19th, the evening of our Tournament. I realize that that is not the ideal time, but we had some difficulty in scheduling the Ballroom for our Socials this year. Please save the date and plan to attend!

We have Hosts signed up for all of our Socials this year - THANK YOU!!! I have a Host Kit that has information about hosting a Social which should make things a bit easier.

Our other Socials will be: Thursday, February 15 and Friday, March 15. Again, difficulty scheduling the Ballroom so both of these are the day BEFORE the Tournament! It will still be a GREAT TIME!!!

If anyone would like to sign up to be a Host for the 24-25 Season, I'm taking offers. The dates haven't been selected yet but they should be confirmed by the end of March, 2024.

Thanks again to all who help to make our Socials a fun, enjoyable time!

Jennie Clement

Social Committee Coordinator

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Unknown member
Dec 11, 2023

Thanks Jennie!

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