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USA Wins over Canada!

Updated: Mar 20

We trust everyone enjoyed the 5th Annual Canada vs the United States tournament. We were very lucky with the weather - it couldn’t have been better!

This year it was the U.S.A.’s turn to win and they outdid themselves! The scores mentioned yesterday were individual wins. There was a total of 140 individual wins, with 68 from the advanced level and 72 from the intermediate level.

Below are the results based on team wins:


Advanced level 34 games

Intermediate level 36 games

Country total 70 games, total score 1,809 points


Advanced level 15 games

Intermediate level 13 games

Country total 28 games, total


Advanced level:

1st place: Tie with Dave Trimmer and Scott Wiilms with 77 points

2nd place: Tie with Cheryl Boese and Jim Snyder with 69 points

3rd place: Tie with Ken Copeland and Chris Johnson with 67 points

Intermediate level:

1st place: Mike Leonhart with 77 points

2nd place: Lowell Forristall with 75 points

3rd place: Tie with Lori Trimmer, Laura Khuns, and John Hageman with 72 points


Advanced level:

1st place: Tie with Julie Pellerin and Phil Thwaites with 62 points

2nd place: Tie with Kathy Young, Tracy Hauck and John Elands with 60 points

3rd place: Linda Chadwell with 57 points

Intermediate level:

1st place:  Vic Derosier with 68 points

2nd place:  Phil Wrubleski with 56 points

3rd place:  Kerry Skipper with 55 points

Congratulations to everyone!

See you on the courts,

Linda Chadwell

Chair, Tournament Committee

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Unknown member
Mar 18

Thank you for a great day and all your hard work 😊

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