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It's a Wrap!

With most of us heading home this week, we thought we would take a moment to review this year on the Pickleball courts. But first, some sad news...

It is a with a heavy heart that we announce that our friend Joe Carter has recently been diagnosed with cancer. His situation is very serious. Joe and Jan flew home to Wisconsin on April 1st, on an emergency basis, for immediate treatment closer to home.  

As we all know, Joe has been a frequent volunteer and dedicated pickleball player in the club.  I’m sure we speak for all members of the club in wishing Joe and Jan all the best with the difficult road ahead. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks to come.

If you would like to send a card or a note, Joe would love to hear from you. His address is 7138 Turnbury Rd., Madison, WI. 53719. Please do not send flowers to the hospital.

Weekly Round Robins were a definite hit this year and went from 2 Intermediate sessions a week to including Advance/Intermediate on Sundays, Novice Round Robins in March and an additional Intermediate round robin series on Wednesdays in March. Over 1600 slots were created with an average fill rate of 87% (remember those rainy days?) Those stats speak to the overwhelming commitment our club members have for the sport of Pickleball.

Our website was also a hit. With 275 members signed up and active on the site. This year over half of you registered online and we hope that we can get all of you to go paperless next year as we transition to online payment as well. This summer I will be make some small changes to the site layout to improve navigation to the most important features you use. Stay tuned!

The tennis court taping was an unfortunate experiment and a lot of hard work was put in by several keen members, but we are hopeful that when we return that the resurfacing project the resort has planned will be completed. Fingers crossed.

Our Socials were well attended with an average of 135 members at each one. Thanks to all the volunteers who help make those such fun events. And a huge thanks to Joan and Walter for ending the season with a bang! What a party!

Thank you to all of you who made this year such a success. We look forward to more fun next winter!

Happy Pickling!

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