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Out with the New, in with the Old!

In case you have had too much egg nog in the last 2 weeks, just a reminder that all clinic and round robin signups have now gone back to being hosted on Signup Genius.

You can still get to the links on our site under Lessons and Clinics. Just click on the heading you want and the link will take you to the applicable series. Each of these series is hosted by an "Activity Leader" and any questions or comments you have should go to them. You can now see who and how many have signed up for each session.

Remember, registration opens 7 days prior to the session date.

This week at a glance...

Advanced/Intermediate Round Robin

Sunday, December 31st

8am - 10 of 10 slots open

10am - Full - Waitlist only

Intermediate Round Robin

Monday, January 1st

8am - 10 of 10 slots open

10am - 3 of 10 slots open

Play and Learn with Joe and Jan

Wed., Jan 3rd

1pm - 13 of 15 slots open

Intermediate Round Robin

Friday, Jan 5th

8am - 10 of 10 slots open

10am - 3 of 10 slots open

Learn to Play

On hold for the holidays - will resume January 10th

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Happy Pickling!

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